Here Are Fans' Theories About the Dramatic Ending of 'Sweet Magnolias'

Haven't finished the first season yet? Be advised: Spoilers within.

Sweet Magnolias is a series that just begs for us to re-watch it as soon as we've wrapped our viewing of the final episode. The drama, the humor, the friendship...even though the Netflix series only debuted a few months ago, we're all eager to head back to the town of Serenity. Thankfully, Netflix recently announced the show has officially been renewed for a second season, but with that still quite some time away, we're definitely enjoying digging deeper into season one of the runaway hit.

After listening to the free audiobooks and rewatching the season, our first order of business is looking into the mystery of Kyle's car crash in the finale episode. While we'll have to wait until season two lands on the streaming platform to find out what really happened, theories abound, as Cheat Sheet pointed out in a recent article.

According to the outlet, fan speculations are wide-ranging and pose a variety of potential outcomes for that ill fated drive of Kyle's—the character played by actor Logan Allen, who is the son of Maddie and Bill. Some believe Nellie, Kyle's growing love interest, may have been in the accident with Kyle, and perhaps even killed in the crash. Other's speculate it was Annie, Dana Sue's daughter, while others think it could be Kyle's brother, Tyler. Some, even guessed that Noreen, Bill's ex-fiancée, was the other passenger in the car that evening, thanks to the duo's companionship.

Do you have any thoughts about who might have been in the car with Kyle? We certainly can't wait to see how it all plays out on our screens. 'Til then, just find us channeling our Maddie, videochatting with our girls as we sip margaritas and analyze the scene to pieces.

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