Season 2 of 'Sweet Magnolias' Full of "Unexpected Twists, Turns, and Repercussions"

The highly anticipated second season premieres Friday, February 4.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2

Haven't tuned into the premiere of season two of Sweet Magnolias? Thanks to author Sherryl Woods, we've got new tea on what we can look forward to from our highly anticipated return to Serenity.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

In addition to finally finding out who was in the car, Woods—who wrote the books the show is based on—promises an "interesting and different season" with some "really raw emotions coming to the surface."

For example, season two will find Helen (Heather Headley) grappling with the idea that her choice to focus on her career might mean that she's missed out on having children. Woods says she'll have to determine whether she wants to move forward with having a child "no matter what."

Meanwhile, Dana Sue (Brooke Elliot) is struggling with whether she can give husband Ronnie a second chance and overcome what split them up in the first place.

Of course, there are new "twists and turns" in store for Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and beau Cal (Justin Bruening) while the teenagers deal with the fallout from the car crash.

Drama and romance aside, Woods tells Southern Living that she thinks fans will most appreciate the humor at the heart of the relationships amongst the three women. From the eye rolls to how they "call each other out when they're wrong."

"I like the strength of their bond and that they can say that to each other. That they can tell each other [when they're wrong]," Woods says. "We all have flaws and they're very clear-eyed about each other. I think that's a gift in two directions—it's a gift to speak truth to someone and to be able to hear it without anger."

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Woods told Southern Living that she expects the sophomore season to be available on Netflix around midnight February 3, adding that she wouldn't be surprising if diehard fans stay up all night to get through all 10 episodes.

"I'm excited to hear what viewers think as they binge-watch," Woods says. "The unexpected twists and turns and repercussions that go through Serenity as all is revealed."

Fear not: you can still get your Serenity fix after you've devoured season two. Woods has teamed up with Dreamscape Media to make the entire Sweet Magnolias collection (both the new audiobooks and eBooks!) available for readers to enjoy for free—with a valid library card—on hoopla digital.

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