'Sweet Magnolias' Star JoAnna Garcia Swisher Teases "One-Two Punch" Answer to Who Was in the Car

“It’s not even the most interesting part of the first episode.”

JoAnna Garcia Swisher has all the answers to Sweet Magnolias' heart-pounding season one cliffhanger, but she has no intentions of spilling the beans.

With the premier of season two fast approaching, Garcia Swisher is understandably reluctant to reveal too much, but in a recent interview with US Weekly, she was kind enough to offer a few tantalizing details about what the next installment of the Netflix hit has in store. And by the sounds of it, we're in for a doozy.


"It's not even the most interesting part of season two, and it's not even the most interesting part of the first episode!" Garcia Swisher said of the moment fans finally learn who was in the car accident at the end of season one. "When I read the script, I had kind of known that. I mean, obviously, it's very interesting to find out who [it] is. That is obviously a huge cliffhanger, but I was like, 'Oh, OK,' so it's really like a one-two punch."

That squares with what Southern Living learned from the author of the books on which the show is based, Sherryl Woods, back in August. Woods revealed that we'll find out who was in the car right off the bat.

"It will finally be answered!" Woods proclaimed. "Season two picks up literally minutes after the end of season one. There are a lot of consequences to what you find out in that scene."

Garcia Swisher revealed that filming on season two of Sweet Magnolias wrapped in July. It is reportedly set to make its triumphant return to Netflix in early 2022.

We can't wait!

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