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Suzanne Sugarbaker wasn't exactly the heart of the Sugarbaker Design Agency, but she was certainly its spirit. The former beauty queen added sparkle and shine to every interaction, whether wining and dining clients or providing a little Southern hospitality to anyone who walked through the doors—especially if they were rich older gentleman who just might be her next husband. Suzanne was also one of the funniest wildest characters ever to grace TV.

Here are six reasons that we love Suzanne Sugarbaker:

1. She is a Very Good Sister

There's no doubt that those Sugarbaker sisters drove each other crazy, but they were always there for each other. Like when Julia got her head stuck in a railing and Suzanne helped her out (after teasing her of course). More poignant was when Reese suffered a heart attack and Julia was understandably completely distraught, Suzanne sat right by her side to comfort her, telling her, "We're just gonna sit down here together, and you rest your head on my shoulder okay?" Of course, such an emotional display was so out-of-character for Suzanne that Charlene couldn't help but comment on it, telling Mary Jo. "It's amazing, isn't it? Most of the time she goes around without the sense God gave a goose. Look at her. I mean, one crisis, and she's Scarlett O'Hara."

2. She had Perfect Logic

It was nearly impossible to win an argument with Suzanne. Julia tried many times, but Suzanne had irrefutable logic that could best any reasonable argument. Take for example the time that she was arguing with the publisher of a magazine, that claimed to be feminist. Suzanne's retort? "Well I donate to the ASPCA, but that doesn't make me a cat!" Hard to argue with that.

3. She is Basically a Master of Zen

While Suzanne would undoubtedly deny it (after all she could be home watching Green Acres) she had the uncanny ability to deliver meditative statements that would be perfect in a fortune cookie or at a Zen spa. For one such example, remember the time she said this: "It's been my experience, Julia, that no matter where you go…there you are." See? Perfectly Zen.

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4. She had the Ability to Say Exactly What We're All Thinking

Whether talking about her hatred of men who "use Women's Liberation as an excuse not to kill bugs for you" or defending her decision to make a wig for a baby, Suzanne had no problem speaking exactly what was on her mind (unless she accidentally glued her mouth shut, of course). Whether she was saying that sex wasn't "as good as having someone put a crown on your head or shopping" or telling Mary Jo that she didn't want to help hang Christmas decorations ("Who do you think you're talking to here, Ma Kettle?"), Suzanne was a role model for outspoken women everywhere.

5. Because She Didn't Always Put Herself First

Suzanne would happily admit that she puts herself first. After all, but when she has a shot at motherhood, she is faced with the reality of putting someone else first, always. Thanks to a little advice from her sister, Suzanne soon realizes that she won't be able to provide little Li Sing with the best home and makes a truly altruistic decision. The whole thing makes Julia cry. "I'm so happy for you," Julia says. "Why?" Suzanne wants to know with tears ruining her mascara and Julia replies, "Because, now you know what it feels like to be a mother."

6. Cause She's the Reason the Lights Went Out in Georgia