Oh snap – gingersnap, that is! When a mother and daughter combine forces to create a delectable Southern treat, they’re unstoppable.

Meet Susan (daughter) and Laura (mother) in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Together, the two gals have turned a scary family journey into a company that provides cheer all around their region. Susan was named after her aunt, who died at the young age of 28 from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Almost 30 years later, Susan herself was diagnosed with the same disease. Her mom, Laura, developed a gingersnap cookie recipe because ginger naturally soothes the stomach. Laura made the cookies while Susan and her dad were both undergoing chemotherapy as a source of comfort.

In the meantime, Susan shared the gingersnaps with other patients – to rave reviews! Susansnaps, named after Susan and her aunt, has grown to bake 10,000 cookies a day since it began! Everything is made outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and Susan designed the company’s playful logo herself. Customers can choose from five different flavors of gingersnaps: susansnaps, citrussnaps, cocoasnaps, alohasnaps, and pnuttysnaps. Each cookie is perfectly round and topped with sugar crystals.

Susan and Laura believe that if they can get through chemo together, they can conquer anything – even managing a successful Southern business. Now that's a family legacy we can celebrate!

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