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Next to sunscreen, a good beach read is the most important item in our beach bags. These titles pair well with umbrella drinks and the soundtrack of the sea. Leave your battery-powered book at home and reclaim that wonderful, old-fashioned feeling of dog-eared pages and sand in the spine.


The Summer Girls, by Mary Alice Monroe (Coming June 25)At the invitation of their 80-year-old Mamaw, three grown sisters, estranged and scattered across the country, reunite for one last summer at Sea Breeze, their historic family beach house on Sullivan's Island. Amid the pluff mud and tidal swells of South Carolina's lowcountry, the sisters discover their way across past rifts on a bridge of forgiveness. With this story, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe begins a new trilogy inspired by her three years working with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and autistic children.


And Then I Found You, by Patti Callahan Henry Years and years have passed since Kate Vaughn gave up her baby for adoption, but she never stops missing her, or wondering. Kate has a good life now, a successful business, and a good man whom she wants to love as much as he loves her. But her secret haunts her, holds her back. Until that grown daughter finds her. Inspired by her sister's true adoption story, best-selling author Patti Callahan Henry reveals the "emotional truths" that emerge when the wondering ends, when the lost become found.


The Time Between, by Karen White (June 4) Eleanor Murray blames herself for the accident that put her sister in a wheelchair. To escape her guilt—and the love she feels for her sister's husband—she takes a job caring for an elderly woman whose storied past unfurls as the two women bond over a shared passion for music. From her new friendship, Eleanor learns what she needs to do to repair her relationship with her sister. A page-turner from page one, this novel shows Karen White's ear for conversation and understanding of complex relationships.


Ladies' Night, by Mary Kay Andrews (June 4) When Grace Stanton catches her husband cheating, she parks his beloved sports car in the pool. Then things really get interesting. Locked out of her house--and life as she knew it--she finds herself in "divorce recovery" sessions (court orders) with people she has nothing in common with except a "divorce coach." The members find their own best therapy in weekly Ladies' Night at The Sandbox, where they find liquid courage, closure, and friendship. Mary Kay Andrews blends heartache and hilarity in a story line filled with surprises.


Life After Life, by Jill McCorkle North Carolina's Pine Haven retirement center is populated with tragicomic characters--a former lawyer who feigns dementia, a Hospice volunteer saved from a hot-tub suicide attempt by a large dog, and a 12-year-old girl who feels more at home in a nursing home than in her parents' house. As they play out the last chapters of their lives under the same roof, these lovably eccentric, poignantly flawed characters teach each other—and us—that it's never too late to [fill in the blank]. In this literary escape, award-winning author Jill McCorkle breathes life into her cast with pitch-perfect dialogue and a tribute to life's glorious imperfection.