Harper Lee, Muhammad Ali, and those girls from Stars Hollow.  
States Most Googled Terms
Credit: Estately

Ever wonder what people spend their time Googling? Have you ever wondered what your neighbors are Googling? Estately, a national real estate company, recently used data from Google Trends to look at the most popular phrases the people in individual U.S. states Googled this year. Some reflected recent social and cultural issues. Other states were interested in their own athletic or artistic personalities who passed away this year. Kentucky queried about Muhammad Ali, while Alabama wanted to know about Harper Lee. Others might make you scratch your head: Missouri was most interested in McDonald's all day breakfast; Mississippi was very curious about the mannequin challenge; and the folks in Utah searched for the Gilmore Girls. But we all know, no matter where you live, everyone was slightly obsessed with the girls of Stars Hollow this year.