Yet another reason to stay caffeinated.

Red Starbucks Cup
Credit: Getty/leekris

If you're anything like us, a good portion of your monthly budget goes directly to Starbucks (no shame here!). But we have good news for our fellow coffee-obsessed friends: Starbucks has a refill policy that will help you save a little bit of cash—and you probably had no idea.

According to Fortune, all customers are able to get one free refill during the same store visit (not drive-thru) at participating locations. Meaning you can't get a cup of coffee on Monday and come back for a free refill on Tuesday, unfortunately. And the promotion doesn't cover any of the super fancy drinks. A spokesperson confirmed that you're eligible for a refill if you order brewed coffee hot, Iced Coffee, or Cold Brew) or tea (hot, iced or shaken). But still, it's a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended).

To redeem, you have to use a registered Starbucks Card or Mobile app when you buy your drink, and then show the cashier that same card or app for your refill. Easy enough, right?

Of course, this longstanding hack isn't breaking news to die-hard Starbucks fans—according to the blog Starbucks Melody, the company recently tweaked their policy language and the Internet took notice. But if this news is currently blowing your mind, join the club. And you're welcome!