It’s not often we come across a place that’s truly making a positive difference in the lives of everyday people, and, when we do, it’s worth celebrating. Special Equestrians is a non-profit organization that offers horseback riding and therapeutic activities for Southerners with disabilities, and the results are remarkable! Because the movement of riding a horse is similar to the movement of walking, many participants in the program have gone from wheelchairs to walkers to quad canes to walking on their own. The Birmingham, Alabama-based organization is a fun and healing place for the disabled and their families.

More than anything, Special Equestrians is a strong and uplifting community that welcomes people from all walks of life, and families facing the same challenges have the chance to meet, bond, and support each other. The program grew immensely just one year after opening, and special needs children experienced radical results.

This form of treatment is practical and exciting; it combines speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Partakers ride the horses and simultaneously talk to their leaders. They are able to enjoy the fresh air, create friendships, and interact with animals. Who wouldn’t prefer hanging out with horses to sitting in an office? The team of volunteers at Special Equestrians makes meaningful relationships with the incredible folks they work with, and both the students and volunteers look forward to spending time together each week. 

A day spent at Special Equestrians is a joyful and healing day. It’s a place dedicated to helping others, and it's the best legacy a person could ever have.

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