"It tastes like a punishment."

Cream of wheat – it sounds delicious, right? Our editors didn't think so. The dish is simply a breakfast porridge mix made from ground wheat kernels. It's a popular cuisine in the North where folks haven't quite discovered the glory of grits. We made the Southern Living editors try cream of wheat, and they politely implied it tasted like garbage.

While people above the Mason-Dixon eat the dish to stay warm in the winter, our editors said it was a bit too bland. Almost everyone agreed it needed salt, butter, cheese, or something sweet. Even though it makes for a below-average breakfast dish, some folks thought it would be useful to patch a hole in the wall, for its gummy, glue-like texture.

When we asked our editors what cream of wheat tasted like, the responses were hilarious. Sawdust, old oatmeal, and bread dough were just a few of the favorites. You can't say we didn't get it a shot! Nevertheless, Southerners won't be putting down the grits for cream of wheat anytime soon.