We can't be good at everything, right? 

By Jorie Nicole McDonald

Because Southern culture is so uniquely rich, folks below the Mason-Dixon usually don't feel the need to explore the nuances of other regions, but when they do, things get very interesting.

One of the most recognizable accents in the United States is Boston. Between the hard a's, nonexistent r's, and the harsh tone, this Northern twang is quite hard to master. So, when a group of our Southern Living editors attempted to perfect the foreign inflection, the experiment went downhill quickly.

Certain words and phrases seemed to keep resurfacing, like "Harvard", "car keys", and "wicked smart". Most folks seemed to think Bostonites have a soft spot for the Patriots and clam chowder. But, no one really seemed to nail the accent. What can we say? A Southern drawl is hard to erase.

While giving the Boston accent a try was both fun and entertaining, we won't be migrating to Massachusetts anytime soon!