It’s no surprise that Southerners love their bacon. Folks below the Mason-Dixon enjoy delectable culinary concoctions like Bacon Bow Tie Crackers, Bacon-Cheese Dip, and even Bacon-Pimiento Guacamole. In our eyes, the flavorful food can do no wrong – that is until bacon-flavored soda made its debut. We ventured to the streets of Birmingham, Alabama to see what the locals thought of bacon in fizzy, liquid form, and the responses varied. Some guessed that tangerine was an ingredient in the bubbling beverage, while others said it smelled like fried chicken. Surprisingly, only one person actually guessed the correct flavor of the soda! Most of the inconspicuous Alabamians were puzzled by the unique taste. The predictions ranged from a vegetable and fruit mixture to simply something that would inflict high blood pressure – yikes. Southerners are all about giving new, unique flavors a try, but some think the bacon-flavored soda took it a bit too far. So, what’s the verdict? Will this savory drink make an appearance in your cup?

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