Wrinkles be damned even in our humid climate.
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Humidity while good for keeping the wrinkles on our face at bay is not so good for keeping our hair sleek or our clothes crisp. Much has been written and recorded about our hair struggles, but our devotion to the iron and ironing board, even during the dog days of summer, deserves some recognition. Who doesn't pity the people wearing the saggy linen on the sidewalk? While there's no right or wrong approach to ironing your clothes, we all agree that wrinkle-free is best. Here are a few tips we've uncovered:

Timing is Everything

The faster you can get your clothes from the dryer to the ironing board, the better. In fact, Charleston event designer, Tara Guerard prefers ironing her table linens when they are still a little damp from the dryer for best results.

Products Are Key

The Right Iron. Look for a lightweight iron – they get hot quicker and their steam is often hotter. And...the hotter the iron gets the faster your wrinkles will go away. A few of our favorite iron picks are the Sunbeam Steam Master that clocks in at only 1.4 pounds and the Rowenta DW5197 that features 400 steam holes.

A Board and Cover. A sturdy board is key for optimal wrinkle killing. But don't stop shopping at the ironing board. Make sure to get a padded cover for that board too. This silicone cover resists burning, staining, and doesn't slip.

The Starch. A hotly contested topic of ironing debate. Some people swear by only using water in lieu of starch. Our stylists are faithful to Magic Sizing. But another dedicated ironer (my mother) is a diehard Faultless fan. She also says to avoid the heavy-duty variety because the spray clogs easily.

If You Happen to be a Steamer

You would think that these are the less obsessive types of people that are okay to forgo the super crisp look only achieved through starch and a lot of elbow grease on an iron, but I've got a very type A friend who only steams. It's a quicker process, and is the preferred wrinkle releaser for delicate fabrics like silk and satin. Be careful to purchase a steamer that doesn't leak because those burns hurt. This stand-up steamer comes recommended and takes only 45-seconds to heat up.

While you're thinking about how you can iron better, you can also start thinking about areas in your home you may have forgotten to clean.

Now you're on your way to totally organized home.