Hose the pollen off your porch and break out those flip-flops because it's warming up fast.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse
April 30, 2019
Hose the pollen off your porch and break out those flip-flops because it's warming up fast.
| Credit: Justin Hancock/Meredith Corp.

Spring is so bloomin' here! No matter what the calendar says, I say the Southern spring begins the week after Easter. It's always chilly on Easter Sunday, and we all shiver through the sunrise service, but once Easter passes—you can mark it down—that mercury will start to creep up, and we'll have consistently warm weather before you know it.

Of course, there are other signs of spring in the South. We polled our Facebook Brain Trust, and they rattled off quite a few. Can you add to our list? Let us know in Comments. But just to get the ball rolling, here are some signs that spring has sprung in our region:

Muddled Fashion Statements

Freezing in the morning, freezing in the evening, sweating in between.

Barefoot kids are everywhere in April, but . . .

You can't put your winter wardrobe up yet.

White pants start showing up.

We're breaking out our shorts . . . but wearing them with sweatshirts . . . and flip-flops.

Plagued By Pollen

Suddenly, everybody drives a yellow car.

Pollen, pollen, everywhere! You can even taste it!

Yellow haze outside and red, itchy eyes!

Everybody looks like they've been crying, constantly rubbing their eyes.

We're all sleepy from allergy medicine.

What Bugs Us

That first mosquito.

Mayflies everywhere.

Flowers And Green Grass And Birds—Oh My!

Wisteria, forsythia, azaleas, and red buds are blooming.

Trees have that fresh new beautiful green color, and the sky is a gorgeous robin's egg blue.

A kaleidoscope of colors, each trying to upstage the other. Which one wins? The tulip trees, white Bartlett pear blooms, the butter-yellow daffodils or the easy-come easy-go azaleas? That's the game spring brings us—especially down South where frost knows to stay away!!

The sound of lawn mowers.

The smell of freshly mown grass.

Iris blooming and grills firing up.

Daffodils blooming in profusion where homesteads used to stand.

Women grabbing the biggest cart they can find in the garden section at Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot . . .

The sound of birds singing to you as you get ready for work in the morning.

Total strangers greeting you with, "Isn't (pronounced 'idn') this a nice day?!"

Major Nest Fluffage

Windows are open to "air out" the house.

We all become cleaning nuts. We even wash the curtains we haven't touched since last spring.

Did You Grow These Yourself?

We begin digging out recipes for homemade ice cream and salads with melons.

We all start watching the calendar and counting down to tomato season.

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