Cloistered alone or with loved ones, we wonder about the strangest quarantine questions.

At first, it was something new and different, this sheltering at home—kind of like camping but with plumbing and electricity. However, the longer the South stayed in, the more our habits began to change—everything from our church clothes to our breakfast menus. Zoom worship services made dressing from the waist up the new normal. And when you can't shop for groceries as often, well—reckon how pimiento cheese would taste on a biscuit? All of our standard practices were suddenly called into coronavirus lockdown question: Who says I have to cook three meals a day? Whose idea was underwire? Why can't we have syrup sandwiches for lunch? Was it wrong of me to wish Wylie Coyote would finally catch the Roadrunner and stop that annoying beep-beep?

We called on our Facebook Brain Trust to share the strangest-funniest-don't-that-beat-all questions they've asked during lock-down. Here's what they said. Share yours in comments!

  1. Will anybody be able to see my shorts/PJ bottoms/leggings in this live video meeting/church service??? I'm seriously thinking I'll just get ready from the waist up.
  2. Has my husband always made that noise when he breaths?
  3. Why have I spent so much money shopping online for work clothes when I can't leave my yard?
  4. A hamburger has all the essential food groups, right?
  5. Why is everybody baking?
  6. What made me think this paint color was a good idea 15 years ago?
  7. I wonder if I should turn our guest bedroom into a screened-in porch?
  8. Is it me or is the cat giving me the stink eye?
  9. Does anybody understand my kids' math homework? Anybody??????
  10. Why do I still have so much laundry?!?!?! We haven't left the house in what feels like 3 years!!
  11. Do I really have to clean my house or can I just go outside and pull weeds out of my flower bed again?
  12. What do I do with my hair when it's always in my eyes but still too short for a pony tail? I think I'll go with "hat."
  13. Are these my day pajamas or my night pajamas?
  14. What day is this?
  15. If I throw a tunic over my pajamas, does that count as getting dressed?
  16. Does going for a drive through our neighborhood count as a road trip?
  17. Where is the nearest swimming hole with no people?
  18. What month is this?
  19. Should I order some more t-shirts since that's all I've worn for 10 weeks?
  20. Is it wrong to be coveting the books on Zoom people's bookcases or their views out the window or their kitchen appliances??? Does that make me a Zoom voyeur?
  21. How can two people mess up a house so badly?
  22. Do my PJs need to match? Does it really matter?
  23. Do chocolate chips straight out of the bag even count as calories? Especially if I eat them standing up?
  24. Why put on makeup when all you can see above my mask are my eyes—and sunglasses are my friend?
  25. What year is this?