We can always count on her to tell it like it is.

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We can always count on her to tell it like it is.
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Every Southern girl can probably recite a list of her own funny mother-daughter quotes (because let's face it—Southern mamas aren't shy with their opinions). We polled our Facebook Brain Trust to see if they could name a few. They could and they did. Here's our list of favorite mother-daughter quotes. Feel free to share yours:

"Put on some darker lipstick, honey. That pink is washing you out."

"Skimp on anything else, but not Estee Lauder. There is no such thing as too much moisturizer."

"You'd better stay out of those tanning beds or you'll be wrinkled as a prune."

"Let's leave all the stuff we found on our shopping spree locked in the trunk till we catch Daddy gone."

"I know I spent more on your present than we agreed on, but nice things cost money."

"What do I think of your new haircut? Well . . . it sure is different, isn't it?"

"Your hair always looks good . . . but I loved the way you wore it at your grandmother's funeral eight years ago."

"That just doesn't look like you."

"You've got to have nice clothes to work in. Tell that son-in-law of mine he'll just have to buck up and deal with the Visa bill."

"Smile on the outside and you'll feel it on the inside."

"Always remember, honey, YOU set the dress code."

"Pretty is as pretty does."

"You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

"Don't you EVER let a man walk all over you."

"Bless your heart, have you lost your ever-lovin' MIND?"

"I'm getting off that hostess committee for good—and this time I meant it."

"Does this outfit make me look fat?"

"Does this outfit make me look old?"

"Is this outfit too young for me?"

"Your daddy's about to run me crazy."

"You won't believe what your daddy just did."

"Have you seen what your daddy's got on?"

"The church is having a Christmas brunch. I signed you up for sausage balls."

"The church is stuffing stockings for needy children. I signed you up to stuff six of them—we can go to Walmart together."

"The church is carrying fruit baskets to the elderly. I signed the two of us up to deliver them. We can make sure we finish up somewhere near a Cracker Barrel so we can have lunch together.

"Sometimes, sweetheart, you've just gotta back your ears and do something you don't want to do. Like spending a whole day on that coconut cake I signed you up to make for the church bake sale."

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