Southern moms make entertaining—and opinionated—shopping partners.

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Stand in a fitting room from Dallas to Charleston, and you can tell exactly which conversations are mother-daughter. There’s an unmistakable camaraderie about them—also honesty. And maybe occasional giggling.

As every Southern daughter knows, when you head to the mall with Mama, three things are going to happen: She’s going to tell you exactly what she thinks of every outfit; she’s going to buy you something; and she’s going to feed you. All in all, it’s a pretty good deal. If she thinks you’re being too hard on yourself, standing in front of that three-way mirror, she will reassure you: Why, you look just fine! I think your clothes always hang so pretty on you. On the other hand, if she thinks that dress you’re trying on is way too tight for church or the office, she’ll tell you straight up: “I believe you need to go up a size.”

Here are 15 more things we’ve heard Mama say as she and Baby Girl shared some retail therapy: