She might be under pressure, but as long as she can talk about it, she won't crack.
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Southern women in crisis tend to get mighty verbal. We’ve just got so much on our minds that we can’t hold it all in, and if we don’t let it out, we’re liable to have a hissy fit. Nobody wants that. We polled our Facebook Brain Trust to see what Southern Mamas have to say about our current situation. Listen, my children, and ye shall hear, of a Mama who’s close to slipping a gear. And it sounds like this:

  1. “If your daddy doesn’t get up out of that La-Z-Boy and turn off the TV, I’m gonna go bug nutty.”
  2. “I wonder if Jeffrey ever gets on Ina’s nerves?”
  3. "I am NOT a short-order cook!"
  4. “Mama’n’em made dresses out of flour sacks during the Depression. And I’ll tell you what, I’d rather wear one to a church wedding than use this one-ply toilet paper we’re down to.”
  5. “It’s bad enough doing without Charmin, but when I can’t get White Lily, that’s just pushing me too far.”
  6. “Y’all, I’m worried about Dr. Fauci. He works so hard, bless his heart. Let’s put him on our prayer list.”
  7. “Girl, I’m spraying that root coverup like it was Aqua Net on Easter Sunday.”
  8. “You kids find something to do, and I don’t mean maybe!”
  9. "We are NOT going to the emergency room, so if you fall off of that ladder, just know that I'll be the one patching you up.You think about that."
  10. “Well, as long as you’re up, pour me some of that pretty pink wine.”
  11. “Are you really gonna wear that all day?”
  12. “Y’all reckon I could cut my own bangs?”
  13. “Nobody but my stylist is touching this hair. I’ll flat-out wear a veil if it comes to that.”
  14. “I just ordered a Pony-O, TapFit, an Instant Pot, the Carol Burnett video library, a Le Creuset Dutch oven, and one of Marie Osmond’s dolls. I feel a whole lot better.”
  15. “I think I’ll learn to Irish dance on YouTube while we’re shut in.”
  16. “I think I’ll cook my way through Julia Child’s cookbook like that girl in the movie.”
  17. “Y’all reckon that belly-dance workout is a sin?”
  18. “If I don’t soon get a few sacks of Miracle Grow and a flat or two of petunias to get me out of this house, it could get ugly around here QUICK.”
  19. “Is it just me, or Dr. Fauci have the nicest eyes?”
  20. “One of you boys get in there and convince Pepaw those are reruns on ESPN. Bo Jackson’s fixing to go over the top in the ’82 Iron Bowl, and it might be too much for him.”
  21. “There’s got to be something at Walmart I could use to make hand sanitizer.”
  22. “There’s got to be something at Walmart I could use for toilet paper.”
  23. “There’s got to be something at Walmart I could send your daddy after.”
  24. “Given this meat shortage, I feel like we might need to raise a pig or two in  the back yard."
  25. “It's 2:30 in the afternoon! You boys might be in college, but right now you're under my roof, so GET OUTTA THAT BED NOW! Mama's about to introduce you to something called a lawn mower."