She was late coming to the party, but once she got there, she threw down.

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She loves celebrating her sisters the day before Daddy delivers on Valentine's.
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but Mama already has that one pretty buttoned up. Her team at Belk's successfully guided Daddy to the earrings and perfume she wanted. (Thank you, Liz in Fine Jewelry. You're the best, Hala in Designer Fragrances.) For good measure, Mama dropped off a pound cake at the florist's shop—just a little thank-you for all the fine work he does throughout the community. Also, her pound cake reminds the florist to remind Daddy to order those roses (unless Daddy wants to be reminded of what happens when he forgets).

Since Mama no longer has to worry about Valentine's logistics, she's ready to celebrate with a Galentine's Day hen party—no roosters allowed. In case you, like Mama, missed the 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation that started it all, Amy Poehler's character proclaimed February 13 Galentine's Day—time to celebrate your gal pals. Poehler's rag-tag posse chose to "kick it breakfast-style" and have brunch at the Bluebell Cafe. As for Mama 'n'em? Like so many things involving a Southern Mama and her "sistahs," Galentine's Day started out small but got big—really big. Here are five ways they've celebrated so far:

Galentine's Day #1 (The Inaugural Hen Party)
Having just heard about Galentine's Day on February 12—leaving no time to plan or even fully explore the nature of this new social opportunity—Mama calls her girl relatives and suggests they Galentine at the local Cracker Barrel. We're in luck! The 13th is Turkey and Dressing Day! A good time is had by all, and the girls treat themselves to matching heart-themed sweatshirts, along with souvenir boxes of Moon Pies.Galentine's Day #2
This time around, Mama's better prepared. She makes lunch reservations at the Olive Garden. Lasagnaand tiramisu for everybody! Then the ladies are off for an afternoon of shopping at the Galleria. Overheard as the Galentine girls shop:

Who in the Sam Hill would wear such as that?

I guess these stores think every woman in Alabama is 6 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds.

Who died and made that clingy polyester jersey the fabric du jour?

I haven't gone sleeveless since the Carter Administration.

Where's the Spanx?

Where's the Starbucks?

Who wants ice cream?

Galentine's Day #3
Why wait till lunchtime to get the party started? Mama'n'em rent a limo and head out bright and early for their favorite coffee house, and then it's off to a nail salon to relax and gab. Hey, y'all, lets go crazy and try some of that blue nail polish. Mama's found a swanky lunch spot that serves ONE free glass of (gasp!!) sparkling grape juice with each Galentine's Day lunch. Heaven help us if the preacher's wife happens by. And thank goodness nobody's driving. The ladies have their driver stop by a year-round Christmas Shop to see what deals they might score. Then, by unanimous vote, they swing by the Cheesecake Factory on the way home.

Galentine's Day #4
Gatlinburg for Galentine's! Mama'n'em take off a couple of days early and book some mountaintop lodging for a major shopping extravaganza. And then it's on to Pigeon Forge because OHMYGOSH DOLLY PARTON IS PERFORMING AT DOLLYWOOD!!! WHAT IF WE ACTUALLY GET TO MEET HER? WE COULD INVITE HER TO OUR GALENTINE'S!!

Galentine's Day #5
Hey, honey! How's everything at home? Oh, yes, we're having a WONDERFUL time! Listen, sweetheart, would you mind having my Valentine's flowers sent to the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans? The girls have decided to stay over for Mardi Gras. No, I'm not kidding! Won't that be fun? I froze you some casseroles before I left. I'll be home in a couple of weeks. Love you!