Stay true to home with these fabulous Southern-made products.


It's safe to assume products like Jack Daniels and Stetson Hats are made in the American South. But there are a few products you may not know are also Dixie-made. Here are five brands you may not have known about. Burt's Bees got buzzing in Maine with the goal of making beeswax candles. In 1994, they moved operations to North Carolina with a new focus on health and beauty products. Their world-famous lip balm is purchased at least once every second. That's 31.5 million sold each year.

Igloo Coolers have been keeping drinks on ice since 1947. Today, they employ 1200 people in Katy, Texas, where they have a 1.8 million square foot facility. These American-made products range from $6 bottle openers to $327 coolers. Post-its have become a crucial tool in how we communicate. Not a bad result for two scientists who accidentally discovered the key adhesive in the 1980s. They're sold across 100 different companies, but all production is based out of Kentucky.

Tabasco has been kicking meals up a notch since 1868. It was originally concocted to add some flavor to the often bland cuisine of the Reconstruction South. It's now one of the most popular condiments in the country, it and runs about $2.

Viking is notable for being the first appliance company to introduce professional-grade oven ranges to consumers. Today, they employ one thousand people in their Mississippi headquarters, where they make everything from ovens to dishwashers to wine cellars. Pick up your own Viking oven range starting at $4,000. Support Southern production with these products and many more.