Even the hardware stores down here are a little different.

Southern Living Hardware Store
Credit: Zoë Gowen

If you get off the beaten path of the big box "home improvement" stores, you'll find smaller hardware shops that feel less like Amazon.com come to life and more like a curio of curiosities that move at a slower pace. The inventory is tailored to meet the specific needs of the shop's actual community. In laymen's terms: the products are a lot more fun than say a power drill.

Here's a list of abundantly found products in hardware stores across the South.

Mosquito bite prevention, both in spray form and citronella candles.

Porch swings

Camouflage for the extra-large population of hunters in the South

Bottle cokes. Yep, the ones that require a bottle opener.

SEC gear – because you know we love football and we're more inclined to buy anything in team colors and with a logo.

Decorative Flags because we can never have too much flair on our houses.

Here are a few exceptional items that you'll find only in a Southern hardware store.

Sacred music history and guitars just like the one that Gladys Presley bought for her son Elvis at Tupelo Hardware for $7.75 in 1945 when he really wanted a rifle.

Bait, Amazing Cheeseburgers, and Taxidermy (not for sale) like at Roy's Store in Chatham, MS. You can also rent a cabin or two for a vacation from Roy.

Free Popcorn and a triple guarantee on products at Fuller and Son Hardware & Lumber in Little Rock, Arkansas. Started in 1921, they now have six locations in Arkansas.

Extensive cooking supplies including jambalaya pots at Guidry's in Lafayette, LA

Wine making and home brewing supplies rest amongst other traditional ware inside Jasper, Alabama's Andrew Posey & Son Hardware, which was established in 1924. Today a fourth generation family member runs the store that's still in the original building.

Drinking accessories and Jack Daniels' memorabilia for the legendary whiskey maker whose distillery is next door from Lynchburg Hardware & General Store in Lynchburg, TN. Daniels' own nephew opened the store during during prohibition as a new way to make a living.

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Old-fashioned candy, canning supplies, and of course West Virginia University merchandise are the offerings at 110 year old Boltz Hardware in Martinsburg, West Virginia.