If you’re from the South, you know that Coke and peanuts should never be on the same table unless you’re going to drop those salty suckers right into the ice-cold glass of Coca-Cola for a refreshing sweet-and-salty snack. It was a true Southern childhood classic that’s slowly fallen out of grace (to our utter dismay, we might add), and we just couldn’t imagine a whole generation not knowing the fizzy, peanut-speckled delight we savored all through the summers. So what happens when you decide to give a Southern child a glass bottle of coke and a packet of peanuts and tell them to try their hand at the kid-friendly concoction nowadays? Well, it’s entertaining to say the least. Initially reluctant, suspicious, or even slightly distraught, these troopers gave our favorite sweet-and-salty refreshment a try. The reaction? We might have snagged a few converts to our Southern comeback team, or we might have just given the willies to a dozen kids. You’ll have to see for yourself. In the words of one confused child: "It tastes very good."

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