They’re the matriarch and patriarch that hold the family together; life below the Mason-Dixon simply wouldn’t be complete without Southern grandparents. We all know a day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is filled with an abundance of delicious food, an overwhelming amount of prodding questions, and, of course, lots of love. Southern grandmothers offer insightful life advice and a sound moral compass, while grandfathers make sure exciting activities are planned and there’s fun to be had around every corner. Southern grandparents are something to be cherished (and sometimes affectionately teased), and these adorable kids jumped at the chance to chat about their beloved Grandma and Grandpa.

When these Southern kids were asked to impersonate their grandparents, the responses varied. One little boy explained he couldn’t mimic his grandfather because he wasn’t sporting a mustache. (That’s fair!) Another granddaughter said the impersonation would be quite lackluster because her grandfather spends his time reading the newspaper, or “old people stuff.” Of course, one of the Southern kids described a classic occurrence when walking through the door at your grandparents’ house – they always say, “Whoa! You’ve grown about 10 inches!” We can forever count on our Southern grandparents to give us compliments.

Naturally, one boy mentioned the funny way his grandmother speaks. “Instead of pillow, she says "pillur." Instead of window, she says "windur." Instead of spinach, she says "spinish." But they’re the best!”

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