"It looks like a torture machine!"

By Southern Living Editors

Bumpits are undeniably one of those trends, like ice-blue eyeshadow and mall bangs, that we wish we could forget. The hidden hair inserts promised to give your strands a volumizing bump that would last all day, clinging for dear life with little plastic teeth. In fact, the prerogative of Bumpits was displayed quite proudly on the box: "From flat to fabulous!" What happened when we asked Southern kids what they thought of these hair-raising contraptions?

From general confusion to comical alarm, these kids couldn't quite figure out what to think. "This is something from Star Trek, isn't it?" and "It looks like a torture machine!" were a few initial guesses. After many failed attempts at snapping these suckers into place, the general consensus: "Just say no to Bumpits!" Just like after these Southern kids tried Nana's Lime Delight and tomato aspic, it's safe to say we don't have any converts.