“I think I want to play with something else.”

Cracker Barrel has been bringing the joy and comfort of Southern cooking to us since 1969, and it’s not just Southerners who are able to enjoy downhome classics like country fried steak, chicken and dumplings, cheese grits, and more. Cracker Barrel now has 647 locations in 44 states, and visiting the Old Country Store or lounging in those wooden rocking chairs are traditions for many families.

If you’ve ever been to a Cracker Barrel, you probably noticed a triangular piece of wood with multi-colored pegs that look like golf tees sticking out of holes in the wood. Weird Southern decorating trend? Nope—that’s just the Peg Game, and it’s been keeping our busybody kids and grandkids (we’ll admit it, and us) entertained and frustrated for years.

We had our favorite group of Southern kids come into our studio to see how they would react to the old-fashioned notion of the Peg Game. Although the Peg Game has been a Cracker Barrel staple since the restaurant’s beginning, our Southern kids weren’t too amused with it. Since these kids usually get their entertainment from tablets, smartphones, and video games, they didn’t think a simple piece of wood was very impressive. If you’ve played the Peg Game before, you’ll recall that the directions are actually on the piece of wood. Not many of the kids were interested in reading the directions, but a few figured out how to play or recognized the game.  

One girl summed up the group’s overall verdict: “This is more boring than my other games.” But one boy had our favorite comment about the game, which we hate to say it is probably true: “This is what your grandpa would give you and be like, ‘Since you’re on that phone all the time, you can play this with ease.’”

Or, you could just flip the game upside-down and use it as a table.

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