Who still has one of these old-school phones laying around?

In today’s tech-filled world, many kids have never seen or used phones that don’t have touch-screens, digital games, and high-definition cameras. We wanted to see how 21st-century kids would react to seeing a phone that came about long before the smartphone—the rotary phone. We brought some Southern kids into our studio and placed a rotary phone in front of them to see how they would respond, or if they would even recognize the machine. As expected, their reactions were pretty funny.

We were proud that most of the kids knew this contraption was a telephone (or at least “one of those old phone things”), but when it came to actually using it, things got complicated—and hilarious. Even though the kids knew how to pick up the receiver and hold it, the spinning dial was definitely confusing. Unsurprisingly, a question we got a few times was “How do you play games on it?” Once the kids knew that wasn’t an option, they were about done with the rotary phone. However, one boy had a lot of fun playing with the phone’s cord, which he’d probably never seen before, and one girl even said, “Wow, this is cool.” Mama might be a little offended that one of the kids thought the rotary phone was an invention from the 1970s or 80s—she was at least on her princess phone by then!

We’re thankful for our smartphones and all the modern conveniences that come with them, but there are times we miss simple pleasures like picking up the phone to call someone.

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