There are countless classic items that Mama grew up with—or still uses—that completely bewilder today’s kids (vintage kitchen tools, anyone?). We decided to put that to the test with one of Mama’s go-to clothing pieces, her beloved pantyhose. Southern kids came into our studio in hopes of cracking the pantyhose code, and their reactions were absolutely priceless. Back in the day, Mama wouldn’t dare leave her home on the way to a funeral, church gathering, or any formal event without pantyhose on under her dress. Since bare legs are now the norm, these kids probably haven’t seen their Mamas wear pantyhose. It’s safe to say they were perplexed when this foreign object was placed in front of them.

From confusion (“What is this?”), to wrong guesses (“I think it’s more of a bandana” and “It’s a wig”), to the almost-correct (“Our grandmother probably wears them to keep her legs in”), to regret (“I wore that on my head”), these Southern kids’ responses were amazing. One girl noticed the smoothing effect pantyhose had on her skin that made it “look so beautiful,” and that’s exactly why the clothing item was a classic piece! One boy said that maybe “way back when” it was normal to wear this contraption every day, but “now, not at all.” Our favorite reaction? The girl who stuck with what her Mama knows: “My mom does not have these, so I do not know what they are.” That’s right, kiddo: Mama always knows best.

Pantyhose had their day in the fashion world, but we sure are glad we can endure Southern summers without them now.

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