Some toys never go out of style. 

By Jorie Nicole McDonald

Just when we started to think youngsters were only interested in video games and iPads, this group of Southern kids surprised us again. Lite-Brite, a classic children's toy, first hit the market in 1967, but that doesn't mean it has gone out of style. It works by simply putting stencils on a black grid and inserting different colored pegs to make a shape or picture. Once the pegs are in place, plug in the toy and watch everything light up!

Surprisingly, most of these Southern kids had played with the toy before; some even said they preferred it to today's digital games. One little girl remarked, "It smells like germs!" Others set out to make a heart and ended up with a rectangle. But, most kids believed the antique toy was rather "weird."

Whether a Lite-Brite was your pastime of choice or a way to leave secret messages for your friends in the 90s, it's always fun to take a trip down memory lane with our favorite Southern kids.