Our favorite funny kids are back, this time with something that’s before our (and maybe Mama’s!) time. We’ve tested these Southern kids’ knowledge of vintage items like pantyhose and rotary phones, but we haven’t put them to work quite like this yet. We had the kids come to our studio to try out the long-forgotten act of churning butter by hand.

Butter is a staple in most Southern recipes (we can’t help it), so we know these kids have sticks of butter or tub butter in their refrigerator, but they’ve never seen it quite like this. Some of the guesses about this contraption and the strange substance were interesting to say the least. From toilet plunger, to egg- or marshmallow-maker, to mop, the butter churner became all types of items to the kids. Most of the kids guessed that the white liquid was soap, and a few knew it was butter before we told them. One girl only said she would churn butter if she “was bored and the Wifi was off,” and, even though we’re all about homemade ingredients, we’re with her on this one. Once the kids figured out that it was actually butter, we asked them how long they think it would take to make butter with the churning method. Whether a few hours, five minutes, three hours, 20 minutes, 600 years, or one day—no one was really sure. One thing is for sure, though, these kids’ reactions to churning butter were hilarious. Even though one boy questioned if the liquid was actually edible, some of the kids even sampled the butter. The reviews of the butter’s taste weren’t all positive, but we commend the kids for having the courage to try it. It probably tastes better than that tomato aspic, right kids?

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