Southern Living means different things to different people, but we unanimously agree that our culture is known for warmth, hospitality, and exceptional entertaining. Ask a Southerner what phrases they love most and what foods they can't wait to see on Nana's Sunday table, and you'll have a wide variety of answers. Collard greens! Fried chicken! Sweet tea! All of these classics compete for the top spot in a Southerner's heart. We also have some crazy phrases and slang that carry our Southern accents through conversation. We wanted to hear from the folks that know our culture perhaps best out of the family – our Southern grandparents. These cultural experts give us the best advice, share the greatest stories, and love on us like only grandparents know how. You'll get a laugh out of their favorite sayings, their love of fried corn, and why they think living in the South is the best option around.

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