Southern Grandmothers Get VSCO Girl Makeovers

Grandma switches out her everyday wardrobe for vibrant, pastel-forward pieces to look like Gen Z's "It" girl.

What defines a VSCO girl? It could be the vibrant hair scrunchies, the large Hydro Flask bottles, retro backpacks or the shoes that no one thought would ever make a comeback—Birkenstocks. The VSCO girl, in short, is the "It" girl of Gen Z (generation born between 1996-2010). These girls are known for their laid-back character and pastel-forward wardrobe. A VSCO girl can be seen wearing Nike shorts, repping an oversized shirt that says, "save the sea turtles," and statement sunglasses. In her free time, she sips out of her never-empty Hydro Flask and takes Instagram-worthy photos of her get-up and edits them in the VSCO app. An easy way to spot a VSCO girl is through the popular social apps like Tik Tok and Instagram. These girls know how to stay ahead of the trends, so we thought if these Generation Z girls are in the know, their grandmothers should be too.

VSCO Makeovers Southern Grandmothers

We decked out our Southern grandmothers in all of the on-brand essentials that a VSCO girl would wear, from hair scrunchies to neon shirts and backpacks. Our Southern grannies are still wrapping their heads around the term VSCO, commonly mispronouncing it for made-up names like fishco or risco. But our beloved grandmothers are open-minded about this style because in their minds, the VSCO girl is paying ode to the vintage 70s-style of neon outfits and a free-spirit lifestyle. It's a retro vibe that our grandmothers know all too well, as they characterize these outfits as pieces worn to boogie at the disco.

While boogie and disco are common phrases to these grandmothers, we had to ask them, what phrases would a VSCO girl say? The phrases weren't phrases at all, but consonant sounds like, "stsssk, stsssk and iyooo." With all the elements in place we fully transformed them into these retro girls and positioned them against a classic Instagram backdrop, because if their granddaughters can do it, so can the ultra-hip grandmothers. The verdict? Southern grandmothers are up-to-date on the pop culture trends and can effortlessly pull off the VSCO look.

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