You'd be hard-pressed to go 100 miles in the South without running into a lush golf course. It's one of our favorite – and our Papas' favorite – past-times, and golfing in the South is nothing short of a social affair. We take lunch breaks from work at the country club, call for an extra-large sweet tea at the turn, and hit monogrammed golf balls (from monogrammed clubs). We dress up to spend time on the course and make business deals at the 9th hole. States like South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia all have impeccable golf courses – but the crown jewel of Southern golf is undoubtedly Augusta, Georgia, home of the Masters. To celebrate this beloved hobby, we teamed up with our friends at Golf to compile a list of quirks that only Southern golfers know. If you've ever planned a vacation to Pawley's Island around the golf courses you have yet to play or daydream of pimiento cheese sandwiches, you'll want to keep watching.

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