Before you can court Baby Girl, you've got to get past Daddy.

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Before you can court baby girl, you've got to get past Daddy.
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We all know Southern mamas aren't shy about giving advice. But Daddy's got some pearls of wisdom, too, especially when it comes to would-be gentleman callers—Southern boys who want to court his precious Lily Rose. Not so fast, Little Misters. Before a protective dad lets his princess go ANYWHERE with ANYBODY, he's got some fatherly advice for her.

Herewith, our Facebook Brain Trust shares 15 dating quotes from Southern dads to their daughters. (Southern Mamas with boys, cover your ears or you might just have a hissy fit.)

  1. "Just remember—long hair, a beard, and a cowboy hat can cover up a whole lotta ugly."
  2. "Long hair, beard, no date. Period."
  3. "Muscle shirt, no belt, hip hugger bell bottom jeans, and you're not going anywhere."
  4. "It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one."
  5. "Ain't nothin' but thugs and thieves out after 11:00 at night."
  6. "They all lie."
  7. "Daddy told me the only one I could marry was a boy at my high school named Mike Southern. I've been married to Mike since 19— . . ."
  8. "‘Here's a dime if you need to call home.' Pay phones were a quarter back then."
  9. "Daddy said, ‘Boys don't like change.' I think that meant he didn't like change.'"
  10. "Daddy went to UGA. He always told us not to marry a Georgia Tech grad. He was kinda kidding . . . sorta kinda."
  11. "No motorcycles. Had Prince Charming roared up on a Harley, he might as well have been a frog . . . but I'd never know."
  12. "Daddy taught me to play poker and WIN because some boy might try to talk me into playing strip poker."
  13. "Mine mostly kept it simple. He said NO to everything, and that was that."
  14. "My daddy told me that I could do anything any boy can do."
  15. "My Nashville friend said her dad told her to never, ever marry a musician. She has been happily married to a bass player for decades.

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