There are some things only the mothers of sons can relate to.

Photo: Jennifer R. Davick

As the mother of two boys, there's a common thread that runs from their childhood all the way through adulthood–trying to get them to do things the right way—which is my way. Nagging is what they like to call it. My husband joked that I wasn’t going to tell them but 10 more times to do (insert whatever chore is applicable). They are now 23 and 26, and while they’ve grown into great men, I feel like I had to pound manners into them along this journey. I realize now that it left them “deaf” to my constant demands. And it left me with a lot of stress and many sore throats. Of course my mantra has always been, “If you’d do it the first time, I wouldn’t have to nag you.” Below are just a handful of my favorites. Raising boys can be fun, exasperating, tiresome, expensive, but when it comes down to it, they love their mamas. After all, they'll always be my babies, and, well, Mama’s always right!

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