Timeless Southern Baby Names We'll Always Treasure

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If you're having a baby soon, then our list of timeless Southern baby names is perfect for you. Some baby names have trended for years, and others have been nearly forgotten, but these Southern baby names will never go out of style. Our list of classic names includes popular Southern girl names, boy names, and gender-neutral names, so you're sure to find just what you're looking for. From Annabelle to Harper to Zadie, your new bundle of joy will be so happy with whatever Southern baby name you choose. With one of these beautiful names, your baby is sure to have something unique, classic, and truly Southern for the rest of his or her life. Here are our favorite Southern baby names, from A to Z.

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"A" Names

Timeless Southern A Baby Names

Amelia, Alice, Ada, Alden, Annabelle, Atticus, Augustus

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More "A" Names

Southern Living

Abel, Abigail, Adair, Adelaide, Albert , Amelia, Archibald, Arthur, Austin, Ava

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"B" Names

Timeless Southern B Baby Names

Bettina, Bailey, Bee, Beau, Blanche, Brooks

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More "B" Names

Southern Living

Bailey, Betsy, Birdie, Bonnie, Bradley, Byron

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"C" Names

Timeless Southern C Baby Names

Celia, Cricket, Calvin, Caroline, Constance, Cate

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More "C" Names

Southern Living

Camden , Cecil, Charlotte, Christian, Claire, Clifford, Clyde

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"D" Names

Timeless Southern D Baby Names

Daisy, Dawson, Delilah, Dixie, Davis

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More "D" Names

Southern Living

Dallas, Daphne, Dolly, Drew, Duke

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"E" Names

Timeless Southern E Baby Names

Elizabeth, Eloise, Elliott, Edie, Emmett, Everett

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More "E" Names

Southern Living

Easton, Edmund, Edward, Effie, Ella, Emerson, Emma

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"F" Names

Timeless Southern F Baby Names

Florence, Frankie, Fenton, Frances, Finch

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More "F" Names

Southern Living

Felix, Finn, Floyd, Forest, Franklin, Frederick

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"G" Names

Timeles Southern G Baby Names

Georgina, Gale, Glory, Grey, Greer

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More "G" Names

Southern Living

Genevieve, George, Grace, Grover

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"H" Names

Timeless Southern H Baby Names

Hayes, Henrietta, Helen, Harper, Harley, Huck

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More "H" Names

Southern Living

Harrison, Harvey, Hastings, Hattie, Henry, Holden, Hope

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"I" Names

Timeless Southern I Baby Names

Iris, Isabelle, Imogene, Ingram

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More "I" Names

Southern Living

Ira, Irving, Isaac

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"J" Names

Timeless Southern J Baby Names

Julia, Jones, James, Josephine, Julep

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More "J" Names

Southern Living

Jackson, Jane, Jasper, Jean, Jeremiah

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"K" Names

Timeless Southern K Baby Names

Keaton, Katherine, Knox, Kipling, Kay

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More "K" Names

Southern Living

Kelley, Kenneth, Kent

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"L" Names

Timeless Southern L Baby Names

Lucille, Leigh, Luella, Lyla, Livingston, Lorne

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More "L" Names

Southern Living

Lane, Laurel, Lawrence, Leon, Lillian , Louisa, Lydia

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"M" Names

Timeless Southern M Baby Names

Mary Grace, Magnolia, Maribelle, Magnus, Mae, Montgomery, Mercer

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More "M" Names

Southern Living

Malcolm, Manning, Martha, Marvin, Millie, Minnie

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"N" Names

Timeless Southern N Baby Names

Nan, Nora, Nolan, Nathan, Nellie

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More "N" Names

Southern Living

Nash, Ned, Neil, Norman

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These Are Our Favorite Names for Southern Babies

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"O" Names

Timeless Southern O Baby Names

Orson, Oscar, Odette, Owen, Olympia

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More "O" Names

Southern Living

Olivia, Otis

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"P" Names

Timeless Southern P Baby Names

Pepper, Percy, Phoebe, Price, Parker

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More "P" Names

Southern Living

Parker, Patricia, Penelope, Peter

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"Q" Names

Timeless Southern Q Baby Names

Quinn, Quenby, Quaid

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"R" Names

Timeless Southern R Baby Names

Reed, Ruby, Rhett, Rufus, Rose

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More "R" Names

Southern Living

Ralph, Reese, Remy, Rory, Rosemary, Ruth

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"S" Names

Timeless Southern S Baby Names

Savannah, Scarlett, Sheridan, Sailor, Sally, Sloane, Stella

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More "S" Names

Southern Living

Sadie, Samuel, Sarabeth, Sellers, Simon, Sol, Sylvie

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"T" Names

Timeless Southern T Baby Names

Tucker, Tabitha, Talullah, Thaddeus, Tierney

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More "T" Names

Southern Living

Theresa, Theodore , Truman

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"V" Names

Timeless Southern V Baby Names

Virginia, Violet, Vivian

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More "V" Names

Southern Living

Vaughn, Vernon, Victor, Vincent

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"W" Names

Timeless Southern W Baby Names

Walker, Whitney, Wells, Weldon, Wesley, Wren

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More "W" Names

Southern Living

Wallace, Walter, Wendy, Wilbur, William, Wyatt, Wynn

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"Y" Names

Timeless Southern Y Baby Names

Yates, Yale

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"Z" Names

Timeless Southern Z Baby Names

Zelda, Zadie, Zac, Zinnea

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"Q," "U," "X," and "Z" Names

Southern Living

Quincy, Quentin




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