Your best aunty knows how to keep a secret, where to take you shopping, and when to come to the rescue.

Your best aunty knows how to keep a secret, where to take you shopping, and when to come to the rescue.
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Nobody could ever take Mama's place. But there's a special spot in a Southern family—and in our hearts—for our favorite Southern aunts. Mama's sisters, especially, have some invaluable intel. Remember that time Mama said there was no way you were leaving the house in that get-up, and Aunt Sissy whipped out a picture of the two of them in their mini skirts and go-go boots from back in the day? Best aunt ever!!!

A relationship with a special aunt usually starts way before we can even remember. Why? Because Southern aunts know that if you want to be close to your nieces and nephews when they're grown, you have to win them over when they're little bitty. That's why they keep chocolate and chewing gum in their purses at all times.

We love our best aunty for many reasons, but most of all because she just seems to get us. There are so many things we never have to explain.

Here are just a few of the things that only your Southern aunt understands:

Your Mama (bless her heart) has always considered herself in charge of everything and everybody. No point in fighting it. Let Aunt Sissy show you how to work around it.

Mama needs to believe that everything YOU want to do was HER idea. Aunt Sissy can totally make that happen.

There's no point in going to a quality department store for just one outfit. When Mama takes you shopping for one and only one holiday party dress, Aunt Sissy will find an excuse to tag along and quietly buy you three more while Mama's not looking.

Presents aren't just for Christmas and birthdays. They can happen anytime Aunt Sissy spots something she just knows her special niece would love.

Aunts are for adventure, not discipline. Leave the child-rearing to Mama and the fun to the best aunt ever: Come on, sugar—let's go to the mall and ride the merry-go-round till Aunt Sissy's outta quarters!

Nothing cures a niece's blues like a great piece of passed-down family jewelry from her favorite aunt.

Speaking of the blues, that stupid boyfriend who dumped baby girl back in high school will never ever ever ever ever ever ever be forgiven. Aunt Sissy's still got a voodoo doll with his name on it.

For heaven's sake, don't tell Mama you just dinged her Tahoe. Call Aunt Sissy. She knows people.

Some girls just don't look good in puffy coats. You wear Aunt Sissy's velvet evening cape to the Christmas dance and show 'em how it's done!

And now for the two most important things our beloved Southern aunts understand:

What Mama doesn't know won't hurt her.

What Daddy doesn't know could fill the Library of Congress.

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When it comes to the women in the family, we love Aunt Sissy, but deep down, we know Mama still rules the roost—whether we're sons or daughters.