When ya know, ya know

Blanche Deveraux and Dorothy Zbornak
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Our accents are distinctive, all right. From the drawls of Texas to the lilts of Georgia, there are a million and one Southern accents to be heard across the region. We love our Southern accents and all their varied eccentricities and linguistic deviations, but it's true that they can get us in a bit of trouble. Siri barely understands us, and anyone from outside the South is liable to do a double take when they hear our vowels, pronouns, Southern phrases, and directional words. Twitter agrees: Read on for a few hilarious tweets about Southern accents that are just too true.

1. Talk-To-Text Mistranslations

2. Autocorrect Accidents

3. Why We Need Southern GPS

4. First Words

5. Days of the Week

6. Southern Sign-Off

7. Y'all Always Applies

8. Bless Your Heart

9. Southern Contractions

10. Mind Your Manners

11. Strong Accents

12. …Very Strong

13. What Accent?

14. A Classic...For the Dogs

15. Catching Up

16. Southern Spell Check

17. Count on It

18. The Accent Travels

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19. Like Riding a Bike

20. Constant Comments

21. Talking Slow