Southerners, take heart.

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There are a million and one Southern accents to be found across the region. From Virginia to Kentucky, from Florida to Texas, and all the states in between, when you meet someone new, you never know exactly which Southern accent you'll encounter. (We're all friendly, but we can't even agree on how to pronounce "pecan.") Unsurprisingly, the various pronunciation discrepancies, sideways vowels, and prolonged syllables can also make it difficult for computer programs to understand us. One repeat offender is Apple's Siri.

While Siri is learning, admittedly, the program doesn't always get it right. But all is not lost. Your iPhone isn't destined to mishear you, forever sending you to Maypole Lane when you're trying actually to get to Maple. In fact, you can correct Siri when the program misunderstands what you've said. With a little effort, you can teach your phone so that it slowly learns the nuances of your pronunciations and the variations of your particular Southern accent.

If you speak to Siri and it mishears you or pronounces something back to you that is incorrect, you can take steps to correct the process. As reported by Reader's Digest, when Siri makes a mistake, you can respond by saying, "That's not how you pronounce [insert name here]." As a follow-up, Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation of the word you said. The program will then repeat the pronunciation to lock it into the system, thereby slowly and methodically learning your accent. You can affirm that pronunciation, or you can choose to "Tell Siri again," and continue the learning process. Southerners, take heart. Siri can pick up on your accent but also may need a little help in the process.

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Have you tried teaching Siri to understand you? Is your accent a challenge to smartphone microphones everywhere? What are your most misheard words?