Long Man by Amy Greene; Photo: Chris Ellenbogen

This month, we dove into Long Man, the second novel from Southern author Amy Greene. This story of love, loyalty, and often-complex relationships had us hooked from the first page to the last. So, sit down a spell with your book club and discuss this month's Sip & Flip selection with a little help from this brief 5 question reading guide. You'll still have plenty of time to enjoy our Sip & Flip Party Menu andminglewe all knowthat's the best part!

5 Question Reading Guide

1. How does Greene inflect her descriptions of nature—from the humming cicadas and pine trees to the murky caves and ruddy clay of the earth—to tell the troubled history of the region's landscape?

2. The title of the novel most clearly refers to the river that is about to flood Yuneetah. But what are some other interpretations of what—or who—Long Man is? Does it ever become a character in its own right? Is it mostly a source of good or harm, as it clearly was for James and his family?

3. Trace the connections and loyalties—both intact and broken—between the generations of female characters in the novel. How do these relationships between mothers and daughters propel the plot and affect women's interactions with men, especially those in power?

4. Ellard thinks that Yuneetah "had never been of much concern to outsiders" (p. 133). How does Greene establish the time period and economic/social circumstances of the Depression crippling the nation at large, while maintaining that insular focus on the town and these few days? What does Amos contribute to that context that another character might not be able to as effectively?

5. How are Annie Clyde's and Yuneetah's struggles to keep the land as it is similar to and different from contemporary environmental issues, including fracking and flood/storm damage?

What new book release are you looking forward to most this year? Share with us in the comments below for a chance to win copies for your book club of Long Man signed by Amy Greene. The contest begins today and ends Thursday, February 23. Official rules here.