Our conversation changed when babies took over this bridal soiree.

Mom Looking at Newborn Baby
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You'll find how-to-plan-it Sip And See articles all over the internet, most of them crediting the South with starting these casual parties thrown by new parents to introduce Little One to friends and family. But do y'all remember when a Sip And See party was a bridal soiree?

There was a time when you went to one of these shindigs to ooh and aah over a bride's wedding gifts, all unwrapped and displayed for easy viewing. We can't find many Southern women under 30-something who remember those loot-laden parties. Apparently, there has been a coup. Bye-bye, brides—hello, bundles of joy.

And so Sip And See etiquette—especially appropriate Sip And See conversation—has changed. Gone are the exclamations of delight when the bride would present her 20 place settings of the same china her mother and grandmother chose, thus bringing the combined family holdings to 60. No more praise for the 800-thread-count sateen sheets, the KitchenAid stand mixer in Majestic Yellow, the monogrammed towels. No. These days, it's all about Baby.

What's the Current Convo at a Southern Sip 'N See?

"Is the baby sleeping at night?"

"Mama doing okay?"

"Honey, you've lost every bit o' that extra weight. Musta been all baby."

"His head is shaped beautifully."

"Look at that head full of hair!"

"What a little miracle!"

"Oh, how PRECIOUS!"

"Look at that little outfit! Isn't that SWEEEEEEEET???"

"He's just a little man, isn't he?"

"How are y'all doing on diapers?"

"She's got her Daddy's eyes."

"I heard 7 pounds and thought it was a bass!" [Great Uncle Wiley's favorite joke]

"I didn't need any gender reveal to tell me you were having a boy. You were carrying low."

"I didn't need any gender reveal to tell me you were having a girl. You were carrying high."

"Oh, look—he's got your nose."

"I think it's just wonderful that you named her after all four grandmothers."

"Look at those fingers! She's going to be a pianist!"

"Aw!!" [Because that's all you can think of]

"Mother and Baby look amazing!"

"I wish you'd look-a here what a strong grip he's got!" [While baby holds your finger]

"Why, she looks just like [insert name of obscure relative on your side of the family]."

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In case you're wondering whether it's okay to touch an expectant mother's tummy, the answer is an emphatic NOOOOOOO!!!! We repeat NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!