Do you know beauty sleep's secret weapon? Mama does.

lady sleeping on silk pillow

Mama has always had a few beauty tricks up her sleeve. And with her wrinkle-free skin, and perfectly set hair, we know better than to pass any of them off as beauty folklore. She swears by ivory soap, Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid moisturizer, and Maybelline Great Lash—products that are not only classics but millennial-approved. She also would never dream of resting her head on anything but a 100% silk pillowcase and maybe you should consider it too. We're naming the silk pillowcase beauty sleep's secret weapon and here are a few reasons why:

It Helps Keep Your Hair In Tact. Mama may have started the tradition back when she was still getting her hair "set" at the salon every Tuesday at 3:30, but she's held onto to it long after her perm days have passed. An ultra smooth surface, like lustrous charmeuse, creates far less friction than say a nubby cotton. Since friction is one of the main culprits of frizz, we're doing our hairstyle a huge favor by reducing the amount we're exposing it to as we sleep. Add this to your beauty regime to extend the benefits of a sleek blowout. You might find that all you need to do for great second-day hair is sleep on it.

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It's Easy On Your Skin. As a best practice for avoiding wrinkles, Mama taught you to sleep on your back, not with your face down and contorted into a pillow. For many of us, getting comfortable just doesn't align with this anti-aging rule of thumb. The second best thing we can do for our skin's sleeping position is to create a tug-free zone for it to rest on. Smooth silk, unlike rougher fabrics isn't as prone to tugging at your skin, thus it reduces the risk of developing wrinkles.

It's A Little Luxury Anyone Can Have. Mama always knew how to make the simplest things in life feel special. Why should something as inconsequential as a pillowcase be any different? Make an easy shift, like swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk one, to feel pampered. We promise, making this jump won't keep you up at night.