Was your upbringing on point? Read to find out

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How to know if you are raising your children right? There's no set curriculum, but here are a few commonly learned etiquettes worth passing down.

1. You don't just say "thanks" or "I'll be there." You put it in writing with a thank you note and you accept wedding invitations in writing (and with pleasure).

2. Gentlemen know that they should open doors—including the ones on the car—for ladies of all ages. Ladies know how to step patiently to the side while waiting for the door to open and to thank the man who opened the door.

3. You are independent individuals with a strong sense of self. You can also recognize the right time and place to express your views.

4. You understand that all work and no play puts you on the fast track for a mental break down.

5. When you ask someone how they are, you actually stop and listen to their reply. When someone asks you how you are, you try to give him or her your best upbeat answer.

6. If you accept an invitation to a party, it's your social duty to act happy to be there. If it's a wedding with a band, there's little-to-no excuse for not dancing even if it's just for one song.

7. You've mastered your table manners.

8. You know to always remove the straw from your cocktail immediately.

9. You realize that even hats have a seasonal dress code. Felt or wool hats are out of place in the summer. Straw hats are not suitable for winter.

10. Men never wear hats indoors or during the National Anthem– no matter your hipster status.

11. Ladies may wear dress hats indoors, but not casual hats intended to keep your head warm.

12. You know how to dress. If you're a lady, you know to keep those unmentionables covered, how to fix your face and hair, and how to walk in high heels. Men, you should realize the necessity of a plain white undershirt and dark socks. You also know how to tie a tie and wear a belt.

13. Firm handshakes are mandatory for both sexes.

14. Always bring or send something eat or drink to a funeral. When in doubt, a cheesy casserole is always a hit.

15. You stay aware of current events in the world, in the nation, and in your community.