Trust Us: 'Everwood' Should be Your Post-'Virgin River' Binge

We’re bringing back the cozy, sentimental show that ran on The WB from 2002-2006.

If your breakneck binge-watching of both seasons of Virgin River has left you with a hankering for more melodrama, we have good news: we've found the perfect show to tide you over until season three.

For those unfamiliar with early aughts television, Everwood is a cozy and sentimental show that ran on The WB from 2002-2006 with a storyline so similar to that of Virgin River that people have wondered whether or not it provided the blueprint for Netflix's adaptation of the Robyn Carr books.

Everwood tells the tale of a widowed brain surgeon (played by Treat Williams) who moves his two children from Manhattan to the small mountain town of Everwood, Colorado.

From themes of grief and guilt to family strife, trust us when we say that Everwood checks all the same soapy boxes as Virgin River.

A widowed, heartbroken medical professional transplanted from a big city? Check. Tightknit rural town? Double check. A will-they-won't-they romance? You bet. It even features a territorial old-school doctor and a female mayor! And don't even get us started on the physical similarities between Emily VanCamp, Everwood's young female lead, and Alexandra Breckenridge.

Honestly, Virgin River fans would be crazy not to check it out.

All four seasons of Everwood (that's 89 episodes!) are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. You can thank us later.

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