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Wedding registries are funny business. While they simplify gifting for guests (and ensure you and your groom don't end up with three food processors), registries are also a little awkward: After all, you're essentially giving your guests a wish list and asking them to play Santa Claus in exchange for celebrating a milestone with you. But regardless of your thoughts on the matter, registries are a common—and an entirely expected—part of weddings these days. There's nothing inherently tricky about registries, but telling people where you're registered? Well that's an entirely different story.

The best way to share your registry info with guests is also the most old-fashioned: Word of mouth, the old grapevine, a little bird. Guests know how weddings (and registries) work. They'll want to give you a gift that you've already picked out and that you actually want. To that end, your family members, wedding party, and close friends should all be informed of where you're registered. This way, there are a host of people guests can ask for wedding registry info without your ever having to send out a PSA.

Similarly, shower invitations are a tasteful way to share where you are registered. Because it's assumed that members of the bridal party will host the shower, and not the bride herself, it doesn't feel so much like you are asking for gifts. Rather, it feels like the bridal party is offering helpful info to guests.

Of course, there's always the wedding website too. And given their popularity and prevalence, especially with the younger set, it's also appropriate to list registry information on the website, as guests expect to find that information, along with other details of the wedding weekend, there. Even still, registry info should not be displayed front-and-center on the homepage. Instead, it should be tucked discreetly in its own tab. Savvy guests will know where to find it.

Whatever you do, you should never, ever include your wedding registry info on the wedding invitation itself. Including your wedding registry info there places an undue emphasis on gift giving. Your guests should not feel required to give you a gift in exchange for the invitation, though most guests will certainly want to do so.

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