Save more money without even trying.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 21, 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Whether you're bookmarking this for Mama and Daddy or scanning this for yourself, there's a slew of ways older Americans can save more dough. In honor of National Senior Citizens Day on August 21st, USA Today shared some of their favorites.

The crown jewel among them? A little-mentioned but ingenious tip: Ask for discounts. Whether it's a clothing store or concert tickets, speak up and you may be surprised. "People have real hesitation about asking for discounts," Amie Clark, a founder of The Senior List said to USA Today. "I think they feel like maybe they're taking advantage of something." But since many business don't advertise senior perks—"they're not putting that in large print when you walk in the door"—it's up to you to initiate.

Another savvy way to save yourself more green is to see if a business offers veterans discounts. Even if they don't have specific seniors discounts, if you've served in the military, you're eligible for their vets rates (and ditto for asking about AAA deals if you are a AAA member).

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If you're shopping online, there's another simple trick you can try. Type in the name of the company and "senior discount" and quickly discover if there are savings available that may not be prominently advertised on their site. Our quick Google search using that technique? Turns out, Hertz rental cars has a 50 Plus Savings Program, Kohl's will knock 15% off your purchase every Wednesday, and Carnival Cruises offers a variety of cruise deals.

As for those much-buzzed about lifetime park passes for seniors? Better act fast, the $10 pass skyrockets up to $80 August 28th!