Charleston Epicurean

One of my favorite parts of freshman year at college was receiving care packages put together very carefully by my so-creative mother. (Sadly, the arrival of such packages became an increasingly rare occurrence as I became an upperclassman.) Now, four years later, I have found myself on the sending end of these packages, as many friends have moved across the country for careers and further academic pursuits. And while putting together a box for a Southern friend living particularly far from this corner of the country, I caught myself wondering what I should even include. And really, what could I include? (Will the cookies crumble? Will the local soap melt? Does soda count as an explosive?)

In the end, I learned two things from this care-package attempt: One, you can send soda from a 644-foot elevation to 6,035-foot elevation and over 1,331 miles without it exploding; and two, if you really need it, someone will hand-craft this box for you. Whether you're missing Austin, Charleston, or anywhere else this side of Texas, someone out there will curate a taste of home for you in the form of subscription boxes – well-selected, local care packages.

Here, we've gathered a few we find particularly lovable.

BATCH Rise & Shine Gift Box/Photo: Hector Sanchez

1. Batch Batch is a subscription box service that knows how to get personal. The folks at Batch allow you to choose between Nashville, Charleston, and Memphis, or you can even go so far as to choose between options such as the "Rise and Shine" gift batch, the "Backyard BBQ," the "Bath + Body" gift batch, and more. Subscriptions start at $25 and vary on selected city.

2. Charleston Epicurean These monthly boxes bring the flavor of the Holy City to your porch. As part of the one-, three-, six-, or 12-month subscription, Charleston Epicurean selects four to six local, gourmet goods, and sends them straight to you. Goodies include such items as Haypenny Confections ‘Mallows, Old Whaling Company soap, margarita salt by Bulls Bay Sea Salt, Holy Smoke Olive Oil, and Holy City popcorn. Subscriptions start at $35.


3. Austin BatBox If you're missing Austin from afar or simply can't get enough of the flavorful city there, Austin's BatBox will send you a package every month with four to five selected goodies. Surprises include everything from candles and soap to a unicorn piñata with a bullet necklace hidden inside. Subscriptions start at $25 per month.

4. Box South

The folks at Box South stay busy scouring the South for regional artisan foods to then package up and send straight to you. Each month, Box South sends a package with four to five carefully curated Southern food items, and you can choose to subscribe for as long as you wish. Subscriptions start at $42.


5. Georgia Crafted If Georgia is on your mind, subscription box service Georgia Crafted will put together your care package filled with the best Georgia-made products. The boxes are often themed according to the month, but you can also choose a different theme, such as teacher appreciation or Southern hospitality. Subscriptions start at $29.99 per month.