Dorm, sweet dorm.


What used to be a 16-by-16 foot mundane dorm room, encased by cement block walls and covered in linoleum tile, has now been transformed into a Pinterest-perfect college living space.

The 50-year-old room in Sterry Hall at Texas State University got a much-needed facelift, courtesy of two freshmen—Skylar Bantz and Adeline Vela—and their parents. After the two girls met in a Facebook group chat for college students, they began to swap information...and décor ideas.

"After chatting we thought it would be a great idea to become roommates," Bantz told Teen Vogue. "We both had a similar style so we decided to focus first on a color scheme and go from there. We wanted something that was inviting, simple, but still elegant and comfortable."

Understated simplicity and dreamy glamour is exactly what the two members of the TSU Class of 2021 achieved. Using the beds as a focal point, the girls turned the typical bunk beds seen in most college dorms into more of a loft, canopy-style design. This resulted in more space to create an entertainment center underneath one of the beds, which houses a Keurig coffee station, mini-fridge, TV, and a printer. The girls were careful in paying attention to even the smallest of details, like striking the perfect balance between blush and a soft white color palette.

The room also includes removable faux brick wallpaper, a fluffy gray area rug, white shelving, faux fur accent pillows, wallpapered desks mirroring granite countertops, and acrylic desk chairs monogrammed with their initials on the back. You'll notice other sophisticated design elements such as twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling, as well as chic art and tapestries framing the walls.

"We have had a lot of questions on the peel-and-stick removable wallpaper," said Bantz, who is majoring in biology. "You can find that online anywhere, but it's important that you [make sure it's] fire retardant if you are planning on putting it in a dorm room. We also used peel-and-stick marble contact paper on the desk that made it look like a marble desk."

Although this room looks more expensive than it actually is, most of the accents and furniture came from budget-friendly retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Ikea.

"The major items we purchased were definitely the furniture from Ikea—it was compact, and they specialize in compact furniture," Bantz said. "The other item that made an impact in the room was definitely the peel-and-stick wallpaper that changed the entire look of the room. Since we were unable to paint the room, this gave the entire room a more inviting feel."

According to Sheila Ybarra, Bantz's mother, the makeover took seven people and approximately 20 hours to complete. From the looks of things, it would appear that it was totally worth the time, effort, and money spent. Speaking of cost, the parents split the bill, which amounted to about $500 each. Not bad for such a stylish space, right?

The before-and-after photos have gone viral since Bantz's mother posted them on Facebook, receiving more than 2,000 reactions and hundreds of comments online. Watch Bantz's video below to steal some ideas for decorating your own dorm room.

With Bantz's mother, Ybarra, adding, "A dorm makeover can really change your mindset for college and being away from home."

Surrounded by so much contemporary décor and beautiful accent furniture, we're betting these roommates won't have any trouble relaxing or studying in this stunning dorm room.