Nearly 70 Years Later, Four Arkansas Veterans Receive Their High School Diplomas

The “super seniors” missed graduation when they enlisted in the military.

Springdale Highschool Veteran
Photo: Courtesy of Springdale School District

Four Arkansas veterans finally received their high school diplomas last month, proving it's never too late to pursue your dreams.

"Super seniors" Carl Stults, Bobby Burke, Charles Leroy Moon, and Bob Self all missed graduation when they left Springdale High School to enlist in the military in 1956.

On May 21, nearly 70 years later, the four men joined the 484 graduating seniors from Springdale High School at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville to receive their long-overdue diplomas. Their appearance was a surprise to the students. Springdale educators told 11 Alive that they hoped their stories would serve as a lesson about honor and respect.

Springdale superintendent, Jared Cleveland, read letters from Governor Asa Hutchinson and Congressman Steve Womack at the graduation.

"They served during the time of the Korean conflict and beyond. At that time, they didn't think about themselves, they didn't think 'What about me?' They answered the call of duty. Is that not the truest spirit of America," Womack's letter said, per KHBS.

Stults, Burke, Moon, and Self are now honorary graduates of Springdale High School's Class of 2022.


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