You'll wish you had them around.

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Sorority sisters, you'll thank us later for this friendly packing reminder.

1. Planner

Like everything else, you probably keep your calendar or to do list on your phone. But we suggest buying a planner. (Here's an editor's favorite this one by Blue Sky at Target.) You're not at home for your mom to remind you about family events and birthdays, so you should probably write those down, and it's useful to plan out your holiday breaks ahead of time. Also, some classes will only meet once a week, or your teacher will give you test and assignment dates the first day and never mention them again. It's easy to forget due dates when you're not in class every day and your teacher doesn't remind you about them. And here's a big one: You'll need to note the dates of social events so that you know when tests, assignments and social events fall and how to plan accordingly. A planner will help you stay organized so you don't have to sacrifice your grades or your social life. And let's be honest: Pressing backspace over a to do list on your phone will never be as satisfying as crossing through it with a pen. Never.

2. Step stool

This sounds crazy, but a folding step stool is still one of my favorite gifts I got after high school graduation. At 5'2'', I've never been able to reach the top of a closet. In a dorm or sorority house, storage is limited, and you'll need all the shelf space you can get. A folding step stool like this one could save you from having to leave behind those extra shoes you swear you'll wear.

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3. Comfortable Shoes

Those 4-inch heels do look perfect with your outfit. And they make your legs look very toned. But when you're walking miles around campus, up and down stadium stairs on game day, or to and from a venue for a party, they're just not going to work. You'll look much better wearing cute and comfortable flats or wedges like these or these than walking around barefoot at the end of the night. (This is one of those things your mom is right about.)

4. Cheap Sunglasses

Does this really need to be explained? You'll break them. You'll lose them. You don't want to have to call your mom and tell her that your nice Christmas gift from last year is now long gone at the bottom of a lake or in a million pieces under someone's foot. There are stylish and affordable sunglasses out there, like on Quay, which has shades for around $50 and the always-favorite ASOS, which has tons of styles under $20.