Behind every student pining for summer vacation is a tired mama hanging on by a thread.

Kids Jumping with Backpacks
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It's a fact we rarely talk about, but behind every student pining for summer vacation is one or more tired parents hanging on by a thread… A devoted mama tired of packing lunches and signing permission slips. A loving father who can't take one more night of forcing her kids to do their homework. Moms and dads who can't wait for the morning the school bus doesn't show up.

For many, that day can't come soon enough.

One Today Parenting Team contributor, Amy Betters-Midtvedt, knows that end-of-school-year struggle all too well. In "A Prayer for All Parents in May," Betters-Midtvedt—who also writes Hiding in the Closet with Coffee with her friend Erin Loritz—offers up a hilarious appeal to the good Lord asking for help getting through this one final push.

"Deliver us from halfhearted lunch-packing and complete lack of backpack checking," she writes. "Please see us through the nights when the sun is up later than our kids and yet they have to go to bed because the bus is inexplicably still arriving to pick them up each morning."

"Please Lord, keep us from completely throwing in the towel and packing old Easter candy as a main lunch attraction," she goes on. "Help us to at least upgrade to prepackaged yogurt and applesauce and the occasional Little Debbie snack cake. For we must maintain some standards."

The hilarious prayer continues: "In the moments when we are sure we cannot maintain our sanity and help with one more history timeline, one more math sheet or one more book report, please remind us that there is a teacher on the other side that has to grade that thing and make us merciful and remind us to toss a prayer their way."

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And one final plea: "And most of all, please dear Lord, let us make it through May without completely losing our minds, our children or the will to go on. Because all three are being called into question tonight."

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